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Meeting minutes and announcements

This is the SIBBA news blog. Here we will post meeting minutes, updates from cabinet members, and points of interest to our members.
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  • 26 Apr 2015 8:55 PM | Anonymous

    SIBBA Meeting 4/25/15

    Present at meeting: Tony Lamping, Seth Miller, Dr.Mani Mina, Matt Haman, and Esther Fraser.

    The meeting was called to order at 5:15pm.

    The board chose to table the minutes from the last meeting until our next meeting.

    Tony Lamping presented the agenda.

    1) Agenda and calendar for the rest of 2015.

    A)  Calendar of events for the year:

    -  Esther will put together a calendar of events for SIBBA and post it to the website. 

    - Meetings: SIBBA will have four quarterly in-person meetings including the annual meeting in March.  Quarterly for 2015: March and April 25th meetings, June 27th, September TBD and, November TBD. There will need to be some interim meetings for scholarship decisions prior to the March 2016 meeting.  Matt Haman  moved that we have the November meeting on the evening of the SIBBA Symposium.  On the Friday evening before the Symposium we could have a dinner for the instructors to make them feel more welcome.  The board agreed to this idea.

    - Matt Haman has received feedback that SIBBA should do seminars and programs other than only the Symposium and include community outreach.  Matt gave an example of a program on self-defense with police officers to teach the program.  Dr. Mina suggested a Hapkido for Taekwondo practitioners class. 

    - Tony Lamping discussed his SIBBA authorized program idea.  SIBBA could have authorized instructors who will go to a school and lead a program.  The money from the program participants would go to pay the instructor, to the school for facility use, and to SIBBA.  For example, SIBBA could have a CPR and First Aid certification as a program for member schools. 

    - Tony Lamping suggested we find someone to help work on the website.

    -  Tony Lamping would like to have two people to work on membership.

    2) Our bylaws and stated policies  could be better organized.  SIBBA needs to establish clearer policies and directions to work on in the future.

    - Policies relating to scholarships need to be clearer. See agenda item number 3 for further discussion of scholarships.

    - The policy for request of funds and what qualifies to receive funds needs to be clearer.  Matt said it needs to be a martial arts related competition or seminar.  Seth suggested a maximum dollar amount.  Tony questioned team competition versus individual – what qualifies.  Tony made a motion that we  have a committee consisting of a person from each discipline (TKD, Hapkido, and Judo respectively) discuss and refine the request for funds process.  Matt Haman, Esther Fraser, Seth Miller, and Mani Mina agreed to meet for discussion.

    - Tony Lamping stated that SIBBA needs an updated privacy of member information policy.

    3) Scholarships.

    - In the past year very few students applied for academic and leadership scholarships.  Tony Lamping stated he would like to adjust the scholarship restrictions to loosen the qualifications so more students will apply.  He would also like to see an increase in scholarship dollar amount.

    -  Recommendations: increase to two leadership scholarships, one for a highschooler pursuing college entrance, and, one for a student already in college.  Or put one of the leadership scholarships toward a student’s martial arts schooling.   

    - Matt Haman suggested we add a recognition for exemplary service to the awards.  We could call it the Grandmaster Pak Recognition award for exemplary service.  Students could nominate someone in their club.  It would include a monetary award to go to the school. 

    4) Scoring equipment:

    - Tony Lamping said there is a need to clarify our policies regarding the scoring equipment.  For example, we should consider the travel arrangements for people who use it.  If a SIBBA member has to drive the equipment, we would need to pay their mileage.  Or we could have the person using it transport it.  There is also the question of training the user and whether a technician should be available to operate it.  Seth suggested looking at newer equipment.  Matt and Tony said the equipment is costly and changes frequently. 

    - Tony said he will contact Shane Johnson to look at the need for updating our SIBBA scoring equipment.

    -  Matt Haman stated that screen size is an issue with the scoring systems.  Matt Haman suggested we upgrade the size of the monitors because it would be easier to use and more attractive to users.

    5) School Membership.

    Tony Lamping pointed out that we have a school membership option.  SIBBA needs to refine the policy on that.  What it includes etc.  Tony suggested they pay their dues and they get one representative – delegate in SIBBA to represent their school – then we can work on getting individual members from the schools. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.

  • 11 Mar 2015 2:25 PM | Anonymous

    Meeting called to order at 4:16 pm.

    Treasurer report:


    $1,440 incoming 

    Farrell's donated location at Beaverdale

    $900 cost (including water bottles)


    $1500 to ITA to support taekwondo state championship

    $400 to Two Rivers tournament for M. Wickham's referee seminar

    In account:

    $3773.63 as of December 31, 2014
    $2665.61 as of February 28, 2015
    Investments total just under $60,000.

    $1840 in memberships last year

    Judo report by Dr. Soeren Prell:

    Iowa Games held in Leid Rec center this year

    State of Iowa Championships hosting duties rotating between 3 clubs mow.

    VEISHEA is no more, replaced by Iowa Governor's Cup. Hosted by Teikieatsu Judo.

    Collegiate Team is now practicing continuously through the year.

    New Judo club under GM Son, and instructed by Seth Miller.

    Taekwondo report by Janine Tellinghuisen/Erin Carpenter/Matt Hamann:

    Online registration was used for CY Championships, and venue changed to The Plex. 

    Exploring the possibility of a scholarship in Chuck Henry's memory.

    ITA hosted a sparring seminar with Phelps Sport Taekwondo and the first state championships Iowa has had in a long time.

    Several schools are pursuing a collegiate midwest league.

    Hapkido report by Tony Lamping:

    Now 4 hapkido schools in Iowa.

    Tony is teaching hapkido for GM Chung Lee in Chicago.

    Possibility of a SIBBA-sponsored educational/training trip to Korea.

    Master Hayes at UofI has retired, his senior student has assumed his teaching position.

    Discussion of policies:

    Scholarships are not getting a lot of attention; need to bring them up to the standards of today.

    Many other policies are un-detailed and/or out of date. Need to rewrite many policies and procedures.

    Need a stronger focus on the organization's purpose: help other programs, educate martial artists. Be more aggressive about SIBBA's purpose. 


    Nominations opened.

    Secretary - Esther Fraser

    Judo - Kenwood Scoggin

    Taekwondo - Janine Tellinghuisen

    Hapkido - Dr. Mani Mina (with the help of Moriah Morgan)

    At-Large - Matt Hamann

    Erin Carpenter moves to close nominations.

    Jon Emery seconds.

    Tony asks if all in favor of electing the nominees.

    Passes unanimously.

    Meeting adjourns at 5:04PM.

  • 11 Mar 2015 2:07 PM | Anonymous

    In attendance: Erin Carpenter, Soeren Prell, David Carpenter, Richard Puhl, Esther Fraser, Mani Mina, Matt Hamann, Tony Lamping, Seth Miller.

    Meeting called to order at 5:09 pm.

    Old news: CY Championships used online registration. Master Henry donations. Symposium was held at Farrell's.

    Membership: ~176

    Hapkido: the art is growing, more seminars are available. Dr. Master Hayes is retiring. Dr. Master Mina gave a presentation on high dan test requirements. GM Son is doing seminars. 

    Taekwondo: State Championships upcoming. Much cooperation across the state. Loss of Master Chuck Henry to cancer.

    Judo: State Championships in Des Moines. Collegiate Nationals will be at West Point in April. GM Son is starting a judo class.

    Discussion on services to members, defining "vision", scholarships, donation to Iowa Taekwondo Alliance.

    Tony motions to make a donation to the ITA in an amount TBD by December 19.

    Seth seconds.

    All yea.

    Adjourn at 7:25 pm.

  • 06 Oct 2014 10:22 PM | Anonymous
    SIBBA Meeting   |   October 4, 2014 @ 7:30am  |  Forker Building, Iowa State University
    Present: Anthony Lamping (via video), Erin Carpenter, Janine Tellinghuisen, Shane Johnson, Sarah Carney, Seth Miller, Dr. Soren Prell, Matt Hamann


    Reports from Officers:
    • Online registration for the CY Championship is going well.
    • Donations to Master Henry's family can be addressed to their home address: 920 N Spruce, Creston IA 50810
    At Large
    • Master Henry was awarded 6th Dan by Grandmaster Pak and presented to his family by Master Matthew Hamann on September 30, 2014
    • On November 1, Seth Miller and Matt Hamann will travel to Souix Falls, South Dakota to perform a Hapkido demonstration for Suzie Walgrave's school.
    • Registrations and preparations for the October 18 CY Championships are going well.
    • Judo has two local tournaments coming up in October and November. The November tournament is being hosted in Des Moines and it's important we go and support so the event can become annual.
    • The State Senior Olympics were held in West Des Moines over the summer and Judo was a demonstration sport with about 20 spectators. If all goes well, Judo could be come a demonstration sport on the national level and eventually an official sport.
    • Cyclone Martial Arts Judo is happy to have a steady group of 10 women attending.
    • Heuk Choo Kwan USA is celebrating it's 6th Anniversary with a two-day event hosted by Grandmaster Son at Black Eagle Martial Arts in West Des Moines. Several CMAC Hapkido students plan to attend.
    • There will be no October testing, instead just one big December testing.
    • Dr. Mina and Master Pilch will be exhibiting at the December testing - presentations and demonstrations of their advanced study in Hapkido.
    • Self-defense seminars are in high demand at CMAC
    • The Eastern Iowa Taekwondo Championships went well.  Only a minor computer issue, easily resolved.
    • No word on how the Fort Dodge tournament went, no news is good news?
    • Shane Johnson and team are considering a new checklist to help inventory items as they're being packed up rather than when they arrive back at the CMAC dojang.
    • Dr. Carmichael had a suggestion about putting monitors in boxes.
    Other Business

    Advanced Rank Testing (3rd Dan and above): We plan to continue discussing how advanced black belt degrees are tested for.  Right now, they are full-out physical testings, but a more philosophical and service-oriented evaluation might better reflect accomplishments and expectations. This topic came up when discussing Dr. Mina's upcoming December exhibition which may serve as his 4th degree test.

    Scholarship in Master Henry's Honor:  The SIBBA is interested in presenting an annual academic scholarship in honor of Master Henry.  Seth Miller will write to the family and express our wish.  The scholarship could then be announced at the 2015 banquet.

    Erin Carpenter and Dr. Prell's terms will be ending in February and will not see re-nomination.  We will need to seek to fill those posts.

    Grandmaster Pak has requested that we announce that this will be the 40th Annual Cyclone Martial Arts Awards Banquet.


    SIBBA Symposium - November 8 2014 at Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts & Fitness in Des Moines
    Rough Proposed Schedule (Subject to change, if need be. Correct me if I've misremembered.)
    • Morning Session 1
      • Yoga (Irene Faas)
      • Judo ground/locking (TBD)
    • Morning Session 2
      • Wushu (Anthony Wharton)
      • Defense Against Weapons (Grandmaster Son)
    • Afternoon Session 1
      • Golden Gentle Hapkido (Dr. Mina)
      • History of Women in Martial Arts (Sarah Carney)
    • Afternoon Session 2
      • Defense With a Weapon (???) Who can arrange this?
      • Kicking for Poomsae (Erin Carpenter)
      • Self-Defense (Ken Pilch)
    Possible back-up options:
    • Self-defense (Sarah Carney & Tim Sklenar)
    • Tai Chi (Gina McAndrews)
    • Falling (Seth Miller and Matt Hamann)
    • Jee Kun Do (? Matt Hamann can check on that?)
    • Sparring (Suzie Walgrave)
    • Weapons (Master Guy)
    Confirm instructor and class line up this week.
    • Dr. Prell will arrange for a Judo-oriented grappling/choke/lock class
    • Sarah Carney will speak with Dr. Mina re: Golden Gentle Hapkido, and Master Pilch re: self-defense
    • Janine Tellinghuisen will speak to Irene Faas about yoga, and if necessary, Gina McAndrews about Tai Chi.
    • Seth Miller will speak to Grandmaster Son about defense against weapons and Anthony Warton re: Wushu.
    When getting confirmation, remember to wrestle a class description out right away.  Put feelers out for a back-up option as soon as we know we might need to.

    • Erin Carpenter will teach kicking for poomsae
    • Sarah Carney will present on the history of women in martial arts
    • Can go live in just a few minutes.  We just need to have a schedule in place.
    • Mrs. Son (Black Eagle Martial Arts) will cater Korean fare.  SIBBA will pay $300
    Participation Gift
    • Anthony Lamping will arrange for something between $6 and $12 ea.  Suggestions were journal/clipboard, water bottle, sunglasses, etc.

    That's all - thank you sirs and ma'ams!
  • 27 Jul 2014 9:07 PM | Anonymous

    Meeting called to order at 7:40am

    In attendance:

    Anthony Lamping (via webcam)

    Seth Miller

    Erin Carpenter

    Matthew Hamann

    Janine Tellinhuisen

    Secretary read the minutes from April meeting.

    Treasurer updated that the bill from Black Belt Reunion has been paid to the tune of approximately $700.

    Taekwondo update:

    Iowa Games was the previous weekend. There were a couple issues, currently looking into online registration for the CY Martial Arts Championships. But, have not yet secured a location for the event.

    Hapkido update:

    Iowa Games competition was small, with just competitors from ISU and Black Eagle.

    Judo update:

    Iowa Games Judo competition drew about 65 competitors, including visitors from neighboring states that don't have judo in their own state games.

    Tony would like to work on more brochures from differences between the 3 arts. Informational pieces for member clubs. Also reach out to other arts. Possibly modify the bylaws to welcome other arts into the cabinet. 

    Taekwondo had issues with very low referee participation. SIBBA could attempt to step up and sponsor education, but it may not address the problem.

    Symposium will be held on November 8 at Farrells' Beaverdale location. Tony would like the preliminary agenda completed by August 22; early registration available by early September. Erin will re-send out the last survey for everyone to review. 

    Erin Carpenter motions to adjourn.

    Seth Miller seconds.

    Adjourned at 8:20am.

  • 23 Jul 2014 10:18 PM | Anonymous

    Meeting called to order at 7:35 a.m.

    In attendance:

    Anthony Lamping

    Seth Miller

    Erin Carpenter

    Soeren Prell

    Janine Tellinghuisen

    Shane Johnson

    Secretary Erin Carpenter read minutes from the last meeting.

    No update from Treasurer.

    Taekwondo news:

    Iowa Games is coming up in July.

    There may be a new location for Governor's Cup in Ames. It may become a joint Judo/Taekwondo event.

    Iowa Taekwondo Alliance will host a qualifier in 2015. 

    There is a poomsae seminar in Kansas next weekend.

    Hapkido news:

    There will again be an Iowa Games demo and tournament this year. 

    The annual Hapkido Camp dates are TBD.

    Anthony Lamping and GM Son are planning a trip to Korea.

    The National Women's Martial Arts Federation is holding a conference in the Chicago area in July. NWMAF.org

    Anthony Lamping is in contact with the Jinjung Kwan.

    Judo news:

    Collegiates were held in College Station, TX.

    There is a local tournament tomorrow.

    At Large news:

    No additional news.


    What can SIBBA do to develop awareness for martial arts?

    Part 1: Generate awareness; bust stereotypes of MMA and Bruce Lee.

    Part 2: Promote the heart of the art, not sport. Exposing the second layer and revealing what is below the surface.

    Adjourn at 8:35 a.m.

  • 14 Mar 2014 8:54 PM | Anonymous
    Meeting called to order at 4:01pm.

    In attendance:
    Anthony Lamping, Seth Miller, Erin Carpenter, Rachel Dudley, Matt Hamann, Soeren Prell, Trenton Ewing, Karen Collins, Mike Wickham, Chris Schear, Nick Messersmith, Amy Ratekin, Doug Marks, Mani Mina, Cindy Emery, Jon Emery, Chris Nowatzski, Wes Grieme, Rachel Thompson, Irene P. Faass, Gina McAndrews, Teresa Nickell, Theodore Westhues.

    Secretary Report:
    Newsletter is appreciated and perhaps could be expanded in the future.

    Treasurer Report: 
    Jared Ringstad funds, outgoing scholarships and grants. Total expenses $7,722.58. Total revenue: $2,140.00. Read the full report here.

    Fundraising Report:
    Hosting the symposium off-campus saved $2,600. Hopeful that this cost savings and cooperation with Farrell's USMA will allow us to host more than one symposium per year.
    Investments are up from $45,300 last year, to $54,836 this year.

    Taekwondo Delegate Report: 
    Iowa Taekwondo Alliance was founded and sanctioned by USA-Taekwondo. Eastern Iowa Championships is a new tournament. University of Iowa Club hopes to host more events. Read the full TKD report here.

    Hapkido Delegate Report:
    Iowa Games was a great promotion opportunity for hapkido. Hope to continue it in future years. Read the full report here.

    Judo Delegate Report:
    ISU hosted the National Collegiate Judo Championships in 2013. 200 athletes participated. Some athletes have competed internationally. It was a very strong year for judo in Iowa. Read the full report here.

    At-Large Delegate Report:
    Improvements in communication and development.
    Iowa Taekwondo Alliance created a network among Iowans and other states; Iowans are reaching out to the world, especially referees Master Wickham and Master Chase.
    The two sides of Hapkido (sparring and skill-demonstrations) are gaining momentum. Demonstrations especially have seen a lot of improvement. There has been a lot of growth towards training referees and teaching self-defense.

    Membership Report:
    Currently 166 members. 
    Changed the fee structure of the Symposium to allow non-members to participate.

    Technology Report:
    There is a new excel spreadsheet for scoring sport poomsae available on the SIBBA laptops. 
    SIBBA is considering purchasing a webcam to stream or "Hangout" meetings and testings.

    Webmaster Report:
    New functions always being discovered. Our web registration system was used for Judo Collegiates.

    Instructor Certification: 
    Open position. Recruit a representative from each art?

    New Business
    Review of Iowa Taekwondo Alliance

    Hapkido Camp with GM Son. SIBBA may co-sponsor.

    SIBBA sponsored programs clarifications
    • can't act as a conduit for business advertisements
    • can't share profits with a for-profit business
    • can't give money without it being an open request
    • can list and link members, but can't promote or sell

    A change to IRS rules means that we can't rent the scoreboard equipment, but we can accept a donation to allow others to use the equipment.

    The SIBBA Symposium will be held at Farrell's USMA on November 8, 2014.

    Clubs raised money to use for junior scholarships for local kids to pay club fees.

    Treasurer - Seth Miller
    Hapkido - Sarah Carney
    Judo - Soeren Prell
    Taekwondo - Janine Tellinghuisen
    At-Large - Matt Hamann

    Nominations closed
    No discussion offered, passed unanimously.

    Motion to adjourn by Kenwood Scoggin.

    Meeting adjourned.
  • 26 Feb 2014 10:44 PM | Anonymous
    In attendance:
    Seth Miller
    Erin Carpenter
    Nick Messersmith
    Matt Hamann
    Theo Westhues
    Rachel Dudley

    Tony Lamping
    Dr. Soeren Prell

    Meeting called to order at 7:50
    BBR Raffle Fundraiser
    $5 for 5 tickets, or $20 for arms-length
    Prizes: 3 small (massage, visa, GM Pak photo), 1 large (new uniform)
    Doors open at 5pm
    Wristbands will be used to designate who paid for a meal ($25)
    $5 cover

    iPad as a gift for GM Pak. Unanimously approved.

    SIBBA hospitality room will cost $160. Unanimously approved.

    Discussion on purchasing a wireless camera to use for meetings and promotion testing. Would cost $250-300. 
    Tony motioned.
    Matt seconded.

    Tony, Seth and Erin will meet to discuss Scholarships and Awards.

    Tony wants a brochure. Will email text to Erin, who will design it and email it back for printing.

    Annual Member Meeting at the Quality Inn at 4pm on March 1, 2014. 
    Preceded by an executive cabinet session at 3:30pm.

    Erin requested year-in-review letters from each cabinet member. 

    Matt motions to adjourn. Rachel seconds. All approved.
    Meeting adjourns at 8:30am. 
  • 09 Dec 2013 1:54 PM | Anonymous

    Symposium went well. Good reviews all around. 

    Cost breakdown
    Venue $0
    Food $300
    Hats $650
    Printing $45
    total costs $995
    Income from participants $1600

    Seth Miller and Matt Hamann plan to visit Chicago soon and will meet up with Tony Lamping.

    Discussion of perhaps having 2 symposiums each year. It will become more of a membership benefit, and may give people more for their money. A first aid/CPR class would be very beneficial and may be a convenient way for club instructors to maintain first aid/CPR certifications.

    Treasurer and all delegates are up for election this year. 

    Scholarships. May alter number and amount. Jared Ringstad is set in stone. Junior Olympic should also probably remain as-is. Consensus at the meeting was to tweak the Academic awards to include color belts. Perhaps the requirements could be for the candidate to be at least a green belt, attending college the next semester and intending to pursue their martial arts education. 

    Tony is interested in promoting "Korea Trip" funding for those who wish to request funds for overseas adventures in training in their martial art's motherland. 

    Possibility of co-hosting tournaments or referee seminars undefined another potential membership benefit if there are multiple cost savings opportunities for members every year.

    Erin Carpenter will put together a membership-benefits pamphlet.  

    Membership cards like the old postcards or an online/email attachment for new/renewing members would be cool, and necessary for tournament/event registration member benefits. 

    Possibility of organizing a dojang-visiting/community-building program? At least compile a list of members who have an open-door policy, plus contact info. Such a program would facilitate inter-club cooperation, a sense of family, and encourage students and instructors to try new things. 

    Erin mentioned that the new taekwondo non-profit organization, Iowa Taekwondo Alliance, will be looking for sponsors to help them host the USAT Iowa State Championships and a USAT referee seminar this spring. SIBBA may wish to contribute to their fundraising efforts. Erin will have more details at the next meeting.

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